Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Shirley Chisholm, the Democrats' forgotten hero by Andrew O'Hehir,

"On one side of the ledger, Chisholm is the unacknowledged grandma of today’s multiracial, multicultural, female-friendly Democratic Party, a direct antecedent to both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. On the other side, Chisholm – and her unlikely friendship with segregationist George Wallace — represents a road not taken, a semi-impossible dream of activist, class-based, cross-racial, coalition politics that might, just might, have produced a much different America than the one we live in today."

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Race 2012, a PBS Election 2012 special

"Race 2012, a PBS Election 2012 special, is a provocative conversation about race and politics that documents the changing face of America, and how that change may affect the country’s political 

future. "  Watch it here.

Barack X…. Our Intv w/ Jelani Cobb about Obama, Race & Black Image by Davey D

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